Get-to-know-Reach Lunch

Learn what Reach is all about

Get-to-know-Reach Lunch

October 22nd | after the Sunday service

Every three months, we offer a lunch for everyone who wants to know more about Reach North York: What kind of church are we and what kind of church we we do want to become? What is the story behind Reach? What are our values and goals as a church community? And how can I be involved?

Whether you have just recently become part of the Reach community, are completely new to it, or you have been with us for a longer time, it is good to know what a church is all about. So join us for our next "Get-to-know-Reach"-Lunch on April 21st after the Sunday service.

If you are planning on joining, please let Ben (437-344-2472) know, so we can prepare accordingly.