Our Values

Being an intentional community

Values show what is important to us and how we want to live life together. They reflect our core motivation and DNA as a church that loves Jesus and wants to positively impact the community God has placed us in.

These are our values at Reach:

Open Doors

We are welcoming and including, we connect with people beyond our existing circles, and we are active members of the greater community God has placed us into to make known the love of Jesus Christ.

open hearts

We foster healthy relationships by seeing and treating each other and ourselves with the same love, compassion, and grace that God, our Creator, has for every one of us.

open hands

We receive gratefully, give generously, serve actively, and pray dependently as good stewards of God’s creation and everything he entrusts to us.

open minds

We intentionally and continuously seek a better understanding of God, ourselves and the world, knowing about our limitations and our need for growth.

open bible

In everything we do, we are guided by the Bible as we believe that it is the Word of God through which the Holy Spirit equips and empowers us to live according to God’s will.